Jägermeister x #ForTheLoveOfLive

Jägermeister x #ForTheLoveOfLive

Jägermeister Canada launches a $100,000 relief fund to help Canadian live music venues survive COVID-inflicted damage.

The live music industry has been shattered by COVID-19restrictions, and Jägermeister Canada is partnering with the Canadian Live Music Association(CLMA) to provide a $100,000 relief fund to help independent music venues survive the downturn.

More than 100,000 arts, entertainment, and recreation workers lost their job in 2020 and revenue cratered—down 92% year-over-year—as live event sites were forced to shutter. Even as vaccination efforts roll out across the nation, the industry’s future remains uncertain. Now, May 25 through June 2,independent music venues impacted by the pandemic can apply for assistance from the new fund, which Jägermeister Canada will run in partnership with the CLMA. Using a lottery system, up to 100recipients will be identified for financial assistance. All registration details can be found atjagermeister.com/music

Music is part of Jägermeister’s DNA. Around the world, we celebrate every kind of artist, every sound that moves us and every song that brings us together. Live music needs a place to play, but the global pandemic has crushed the industry. Through our partnership with Canadian Live Music Association, our global #SaveTheNight initiative and a variety of other international relief initiatives, we’re committed to supporting independent live music venues. Music gets people out of their seats, but the pandemic has brought the industry to its knees. Let’s keep live music going so it can bring us all together again.”

-John Kelly, Senior Brand Manager, Jägermeister Canada

Independent Canadian music venues play a vital role in the music ecosystem; these are creative spaces known for incubating the talent of tomorrow and bringing communities together. Many of today’s best-known artists started their careers on indie stages, and it is Jägermeister’s hope that this urgent relief fund will help keep the lights on and get the music going again.

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This is leadership. Thank you, Jägermeister, for taking your corporate and social responsibility to heart. Ihope it inspires others who benefit from live music activity to help,” “It’s partnerships like these that give our industry hope—and remind us that we are, indeed, all in this together.”

Erin Benjamin, CLMA President and CEO 

Prior to the pandemic, the Canadian live music industry contributed over $3 billion annually to Canada’s GDP. Since March 2020, the live music ecosystem in Canada has been devastated, with over 85 venues permanently closing their doors. Struggling to stay afloat, many venues are now incurring significant debt after depleting their savings and exhausting initial government relief. The financial strains of the past year will linger beyond the nation’s return to normal for the small businesses that survive.

Key Facts:
  • 92% — Venues’ average revenue loss
  • 60% — Venues completely dependent on relief funds
  • 114,000 — Number of artists, technicians, marketing staff, arts administrators and other cultural workers who lost their job in 2020.

On June 10, Jägermeister announced the 100 recipients of the fund:

British Columbia ‧ The Blue Grotto ‧ Bloom Nightclub ‧ The Spiritbar ‧ Hollywood Theatre ‧ Railway Stage and Beer Cafe ‧ Rickshaw Theatre ‧ The Fox Cabaret ‧ The Roxy Cabaret ‧ Status Nightclub ‧ Distrikt ‧ The Rubber Boot Club ‧ McPherson Playhouse ‧ Royal Theatre ‧ Alberta ‧ The Palace Theatre ‧ King Eddy ‧ The Blues Can ‧ Five & Dive ‧ Midway Music ‧ Arcade Kitchen ‧ On The Rocks ‧ The Starlite Room ‧ Owl Acoustic Lounge ‧ Bo’s Bar & Stage ‧ The Vat Pub ‧ Melissa’s Missteak ‧ Saskatchewan ‧ Broadway Theatre ‧ Capitol Music Club ‧ The Bassment ‧ Manitoba ‧ The 40 ‧ West End Cultural Centre ‧ Pyramid Cabaret ‧ The Kings Head Pub ‧ The Park Theatre ‧ Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club ‧ PvP ULTRA LOUNGE ‧ Royal Albert Arms ‧ The Good Will Social Club ‧ Ontario ‧ The Hayloft Dancehall ‧ The Ale House ‧ The Mansion ‧ EASTSIDE BAR & GRILL ‧ Old East 765 Bar & Grill ‧ Palasad Socialbowl ‧ Wortley Roadhouse ‧ Biltmore Theatre ‧ The Atria bar and grill ‧ Bar Robo ‧ House of TARG ‧ Irene’s Pub ‧ Mercury Lounge ‧ Bronson Centre Music Theatre ‧ Cherry Cola’s Rock ‘n’ Rolla Cabaret & Lounge ‧ Coda ‧ Horseshoe Tavern ‧ Junction City Music Hall ‧ Lee’s Palace (2001) Inc ‧ Queen Elizabeth Theatre ‧ Rebel Nightclub ‧ The Dakota Tavern ‧ The Drake Hotel/Drake Underground ‧ The Opera House Concert Venue ‧ The Painted Lady ‧ The Phoenix Concert Theatre ‧ The Rex Hotel ‧ TOYBOX ‧ SMOKESHOW BBQ AND BREW ‧ The Baby G ‧ The Garrison ‧ TRANZAC ‧ Supermarket Bar ‧ Maxwell’s Concerts & Events ‧ Walters Theatre ‧ Mills Hardware ‧ Lavigne Tavern ‧ Centennial Hall ‧ London Music Hall ‧ The Music Hall Concert Theatre ‧ Festival Hall Centre for the Performing Arts ‧ Showplace Performance Centre ‧ Québec ‧ Le Café du Clocher ‧ Bar Le Ritz PDB ‧ Fairmount Theatre ‧ L’Anti Bar & Spectacles ‧ Newspeak ‧ Cour Arrière du Festibière ‧ Le Cerbère Resto-Pub ‧ Coopérative de solidarité Paradis ‧ La Meunerie de St-Adrien ‧ La Petite Boîte Noire ‧ Atlantic Provinces ‧ The CAP ‧ Phoenix Dinner Theatre Ltd ‧ Théâtre Capitol Theatre ‧ Rob Roy ‧ Bridie Molloys ‧ The Martini Bar ‧ The Gate ‧ The Marquee Ballroom ‧ The Seahorse Tavern ‧ The Old Triangle ‧ Shore Club ‧ Lunenburg Opera ‧

Jägermeister Canada and the CLMA will work together throughout 2021 to bring greater attention and support to the suffering industry. In addition to the relief fund, Jägermeister is encouraging music lovers everywhere to join the movement by sharing their favourite live music memories, concert videos, and photos on social media, using the #ForTheLoveOfLive hashtag.

To learn more about what Jägermeister is doing to support live music in Canada, visit jagermeister.com. For more about the impact of COVID-19 on Canada’s live music industry, visit canadianlivemusic.ca

Let’s amplify our love of live! Help live music live on.

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