Jagermeister and Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee lit by Green LEDs in display case on bar

Jägermeister Canada is set to make its global premier in Jägermeister UK’s @MeisterHunter cocktail competition

Jagermeister and Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee lit by Green LEDs in display case on barWith the pandemic behind us, Jägermeister Canada wanted the opportunity to provide a space for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts to showcase their talents by making delicious cocktails using Jägermeister Original or Jägermeister Cold Brew Coffee.

The Top Ten entries were then flown in to Toronto for the Canadian Finals. Jägermeister Canada had the privilege of having a panel of three judges that know their cocktails: Willie Shine, the Brand Ambassador for Jägermeister in the United States, Rebecca Felgate, Toronto influencer, H, owner of Toronto’s Gift Shop and the creator of the Meister Hunter cocktail competition Florian Beuren, who flew all the way from the UK to join in the first annual Canadian final competition.

Group photo of participantsOn September 27th, at Crybaby Gallery in Toronto, Ontario, the top ten finalists presented their delicious cocktails to the four judges. Their flare, mixing and energy turned the heat up for the spectators. Each finalist had only five minutes to not only create two of their cocktails submissions, but also try and free pour a perfect Jägermeister shot. These finalists knew how to pour the perfect shot without hesitation. Once all ten finalists presented, the four judges then had the difficult task of crowning the first ever Canadian Meister Hunter, runner up and third place winners.

The winner of the competition was no other than Pierre-Olivier Trempe, the owner of Made with Love Bar School in Montreal, Quebec. His delicious Old Orchard Cocktail brought back boardwalk nostalgia to the judges with the complimentary taste of Jägermeister, popcorn, orange soda, cream and sea salt!

The runner up was Victoria, BC’s bartender Ryan Simpson who’s Café Après Soleil Jägermeister Cold Brew Espresso Martini was served in a glass bowl with Homemade Chocolate Bingsu (Korean Shaved Ice) which serves to keep the drink chilled.

The third place winner was Ontario native Alex Archer’s Love or War cocktail which was a reinvention of the bomb style cocktail, highlighting those 56 herbs and spices along with the strong Arabica coffee in the new Jägermeister Cold Brew.


“I couldn’t be more proud of the Canadian talent we showcased in the first ever Meister Hunter Canada competition” stated Vincent D’Souza, PMA Director. “The Jägermeister Canada team truly stepped up to execute such an exceptional event. It showcases the talent that our bartenders have in the industry and one can only imagine what the top ten will look like in the coming years”.

Pierre-Olivier Trempe holding his award winning cocktail Old Orchard CocktailNow it’s up to Pierre-Olivier to represent Canada as best he can in the finals in the United Kingdom. Against five other finalists from the UK and Scotland, only time can tell if Jägermeister Canada’s Meister Hunter has what it takes to be crowned the victor.

Congratulations again to the top ten and winners of Canada’s Meister Hunter 2022 competition!

The shakes, the stirs, the pours, what a night it was! Check out the video reel here

Top Ten finalists:
Pierre-Olivier Trempe, Jennifer Dolhem, Alex Archer, Ryan Simpson, Matthew Sinagoga, John Paul Sabbe, Cuong Nguyen (aka CN), Benjamin Gauthier, Sally Groves, Levi DeVos