Amarula elephant ice sculpture

Amarula Raises Awareness of the Plight of African Elephants

Ice elephant sclupture

African Elephants are integral to our Amarula Cream Liqueur from South Africa. We wanted to share that with Canadians but also raise awareness of how our beloved elephants are threatened by poaching for the Ivory Tradeā€¦

To achieve this, we created an integrated, emotionally dynamic experience to tell the Tale of the Disappearing Elephant. A life-size African elephant ice sculpture was created and placed in the Distillery District, a high-traffic retail and restaurant area in the heart of Toronto.

The melting sculpture symbolized the idea that every 15-minutes an elephant is poached for its ivory. Accompanying the sculpture was a large, engaging video wall detailing the plight of elephants. This experiential component was integrated with a 15-second TV campaign, national media relations with brand spokespeople and a social component. The lifeless, ice-cold elephant needed to emanate emotional warmth as we believed that if it had feelings, people would feel for it and therefore act. We thusly personified it via Twitter — @AmarulaElephant, asking people to share #AmarulaTrust with a donation being made for every share.

crowd viewing ice elephant sculptureResults:
Brand familiarity up 41%.
Likelihood to purchase up 97%.
Retweet goal reached 57% sooner than predicted. 24.7 million media impressions.
And, perhaps more importantly the re-tweets generated a donation of $10,000 in a matter of days!