Golden tickets to Hendrick's Hot Air Balloon ride

An Epic Invitation to Fly with Hendrick’s

Hendrick's Hot Air Balloon ticketsIn conjunction with Nuit Blanche Toronto, for the first time ever, the Hendrick’s L.E.V.I.T.A.T.R.E hot air balloon will be tethered at Nathan’s Phillips Square and people can enter for a chance to win a coveted pair of GOLDEN TICKETS. The lucky winners will fly with us at Hendrick’s Gin in the first-ever hot air balloon to touch down at CITY HALL in Toronto.

The rules are simple: you must submit your entry before September 28th, midnight EST. The official draw will take place on Friday September 29th at 10am EST. All wondrous hot air balloon rides will be scheduled upon your availability on Saturday September 30th, from 7pm-7am at the Nuit Blanche festival in Nathan’s Phillips Square in downtown Toronto. (Entrants must live in Ontario, and be of legal drinking age to be eligible).

Click the image below for rules and regulations and how to enter.
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