Shot of jagermeister being poured on ice

Ice Cold Jägermeister a Big Hit at Igloofest Outdoor Dance Festival.

Shot of jagermeister being poured on iceThis winter in Montreal, Quebec, Jägermeister activated its Igloofest sponsorship once again and made a big impact on site with consumer engagement teams, ice sculptures & sampling.

The activation included an interactive Hi-Striker game often featured at carnivals where consumers use a large hammer to strike a surface to launch a weight that rings a bell at the top of a tower (if hit hard enough). The height measurements were in degrees with -18° Celsius at the top, the perfect serving temperature for an Ice cold shot of Jägermeister. Those who gave it their “best shot” were awarded prizes and everyone learned about serving Jägermeister to Ice Cold perfection!


Our activation included sponsorship of the artists’ VIP lounge which was decorated Jägermeister style and included opportunities for customer & consumer hosting. Overall, Jägermeister made quite an impression over the 4 weekends of Igloofest January 12 to February 4th, 2017. Sales at the festival hit a record high at 195 cases, equivalent to over 58,000 shots or 87% of attendees!