Board of Directors

Jonathan Yusen Profile

Jonathan Yusen

Chairman of the Board

Peter Mielzynski Jr Profile

Peter Mielzynski Jr

Vice Chairman and Director of Corporate Affairs
Danny Wirtz Profile

Danny Wirtz

Vice Chairman

Will Payne Profile

Will Payne

General Counsel
Greg Baird Profile

Greg Baird

President & CEO
Randy Dionisi Profile

Randy Dionisi

Chief Financial Officer
Alex Browning Profile

Alex Browning

Corporate Director and Educator
Kate Rycroft Profile

Kate Rycroft

Managing Director of Venture Business


Peter Mielzynski Sr. Profile

Peter Mielzynski Sr.

Honourary Lifetime Chairman
Tisha Fuentes Profile

Tisha Fuentes

Director, Human Resources
Josh Mitchell Profile

Josh Mitchell

VP, Customer Management & Trade Development
Dominique-Ann Coffin Profile

Dominique-Ann Coffin

VP, Sales, Eastern Region
Ian Bergman Profile

Ian Bergman

VP, Sales, Central Canada
Brett Donald Profile

Brett Donald

Senior Director of Brand Development & Strategy
Sean Gregory Profile

Sean Gregory

Director Sales Execution – Western Canada