Malcom Gosling posing in front of casks of rum

Malcom Gosling

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Founded in 1806, the Goslings brand achieved renown almost exclusively because of its distinctive dark Bermuda rum. That soon changed when Malcolm Gosling took the reins in 2003. As the seventh Gosling to steer the Bermudian family business, Malcolm brought an abiding respect for the brand heritage to the table, but he also brought a contemporary sense of marketing, business acumen and appetite for growth. Born and raised in Paget, Bermuda, Malcolm attended Boston College and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, then returned to join the family business. Almost immediately he realized the considerable export potential of the locally popular Goslings Black Seal Rum. In 1985 he became Director of Goslings Limited where he oversaw domestic product and sales …

Mr Fritz inspecting beverage

Mr. Fritz

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Trying to make 56 ingredients get along together might sound like a crazy idea, but our master distiller Mr. Fritz has a real talent for it. Whether you think of him as a scientist or a wizard, he blesses each of our barrels with decades of experience so you’re always guaranteed that unique Jägermeister taste.

Hamish Clark Portrait

Hamish Clark

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Hamish Clark is Saint Clair Family Estates senior winemaker and has worked for Saint Clair since 2001. He works alongside Kyle Thompson and Stewart Maclennan leading the winemaking team. Hamish has a unique background with a BSC in Microbiology and BSC in Zoology from Otago University, New Zealand. He gained a significant placement in an experienced team in the DNA Forensics Department with the Forensic Science Services at the Home Office UK. He also worked as a Medical Laboratory Assistant in various hospitals across the continent while he indulged his passion for wine. Hamish has held a range of positions at Saint Clair including Lab Manager and Cellar Hand in 2001, Assistant Winemaker and Lab Manager in 2002 and Red …

Phillipe Giraud Portrait

Phillipe Giraud

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Philippe Giraud, the owner and wine maker at Robert Giraud has enjoyed a long and varied career in all aspects of the wine business. Being brought up and living at the Chateau, the vineyards are his back garden. Having spent his life there he knows the differences between the characteristics of each plot of vines and how the grapes will develop in each of them and bring their individual characteristics to the final blend. The fact that the Giraud family had Chateau in different appellations in Bordeaux meant that he had to understand and bring out the best from the different terroirs to ensure that each wine has its own personality and character. His father, Robert Giraud, knew that the …

Mercedes García Rupérez sitting on bottles of wine

Mercedes García Rupérez

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After more then 10 years working to update Montecillo’s wines, our oenologist is convinced of the virtues of the terrior and the vines of the Rioja Alta, which, in combination with stringent, precise and respectful vine growing, result in honest wines with great personality. This is what Mercedes García Rupérez and her technical team have achieved in our winery: a renewed range that is part of the tradition of the brand and the region, and that is capable of going beyond, taking its character, so rooted in this area, to a more up-to-date and unique expression. For Mercedes, the main challenge of this evolution has been in learning to innovate. And the learning was initiated where all the best of …

Jein Phillip Bergier portait

Jean-Philippe Bergier

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Jean-Philippe BERGIER, born in 1964, joined Marquis de Villard in 1989. He has been our cellar-master for 20 years. He himself a winegrower in the region of Cognac. My Heritage With Brandy, nothing is possible without a heritage! Our marvellous product was progressively made thanks to the “savoir-faire” of many generations. Each of them, for centuries, has completed their heritage with a whole life of patient and passionate work. My heritage is one of my father, wine grower and distiller, received from my grand-father, wine grower and distiller, who had himself received it from my great grandfather, wine grower and distiller…My family has been living in the midst of the vineyards for more than 4 centuries… My heritage is the …

Lesley Gracie Portrait

Lesley Gracie

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Upon meeting Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller at the Hendrick’s Distillery, it takes little time to understand how such an unusual gin could come into existence.  It is not Lesley’s coccyx-length pony tail and dry sense of humour that brings you to this assumption, but her astounding knowledge and excellence in mastering the two copper stills that make Hendrick’s Gin. Lesley, alongside fellow Master Distiller at William Grant & Sons, John Ross, crafted the recipe for Hendrick’s Gin in 1999.  It immediately stole the hearts of the most vanguard of gin drinkers with its infusion of cucumber and rose essences delivering a taste like no other gin. Working in a male dominated environment at the remote distillery in Girvan, a small …

Bodegas Norton Headshot

Bodegas Norton

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Sir Edmund Norton was an English railway engineer who founded Bodega Norton in 1895. Norton was the first winery located at the south of the Mendoza River Valley recognized today as the premium wine region of Argentina.   Our Philosophy – An emblem that summarizes our vision… By means of its emblem, Norton does not only summarize its vision and philosophy but also it accounts for the Winery spirit. Because each of its elements is an irreplaceable part of its identity… The Vine A key element and wonder of nature, out of which everything else results. Andes Mountain Range The marvellous frame at the foot of which vineyards are located The River Nourishing vines roots with its crystal purity. The …

David Stewart holding bottle of Balvenie

David Stewart

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MASTER BLENDER & MALT MASTER, WILLIAM GRANT & SONS LTD. The longest-serving Master Blender and Malt Master in the industry – over 45 years at William Grant & Sons Award-winning Malt Master of Glenfiddich and The Balvenie Single Malt Scotch Whiskies Master Blender of Grant’s Scotch whisky Born in Ayr on the west coast of Scotland in 1945, David Stewart started work at William Grant & Sons as an apprentice in 1962, the year before Single Malt Scotch Whisky was first exported to England, when Glenfiddich became the first single malt to be enjoyed outside Scotland. Following a 12 year apprenticeship at the independent family distillers learning the skills of nosing and blending the best quality Scotch whisky, David was …

Martin Moore

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Durbanville Hills winemaker Martin Moore’s early years were spent as cellarmaster at other wineries during which time he often worked with vineyard owners in Durbanville. He was always impressed with the quality and potential of the grapes of this area. At the end of 1998, after six years as Groot Constantia’s cellarmaster, he joined Durbanville Hills. When asked about the number of wines he would like to produce, he will answer that the hills decide if a particular wine will be released under the Durbanville Hills label. Only the best, the most unique wines will go into the bottle. Among the vineyards in the area there is a richness not easily equalled anywhere else. “What is lacking at the one …