Jein Phillip Bergier portait

Jean-Philippe Bergier

Jein Phillip Bergier portait Jean-Philippe BERGIER, born in 1964, joined Marquis de Villard in 1989. He has been our cellar-master for 20 years. He himself a winegrower in the region of Cognac.

My Heritage

With Brandy, nothing is possible without a heritage! Our marvellous product was progressively made thanks to the “savoir-faire” of many generations. Each of them, for centuries, has completed their heritage with a whole life of patient and passionate work.

My heritage is one of my father, wine grower and distiller, received from my grand-father, wine grower and distiller, who had himself received it from my great grandfather, wine grower and distiller…My family has been living in the midst of the vineyards for more than 4 centuries…

My heritage is the very previous gift of all these very old eaux-de-vie, transmitted by the previous Cellar Masters of Marquis de Villard. What a delight it is to savour them in the shadowy light of our cellars, having the deep desire to share this pleasant moment with you, creating exclusive, complex and harmonious blends for you.

My heritage is the passion for brandy, carried by a whole region, with this immense desire to not keep everything for me but to be able, to my turn, to transmit my heritage.

My Secret

Jean-Philippe Bergier portrait

)f course the Cellar Master is hiding multiple little secrets…jealously kept… why? Because we have concern for the creation of brandy blends combining the balance, the length and the elegance.

The concern for length, i will solve it combining young eaux-de-vie with less young other ones. Society is nicer in the diversity of its generations, isn’t it? Some will give their generosity, their vigour… others will enhance the blend with their wisdom, their unctuousness, their smoothness…

The concern for length, I will solve it selecting the best eaux-de-vie, for their ability to keep the aromas in mouth for a long time… here, we say “they keep in mouth” as if their aromas had decided to stay in the heart of your palate…

Finally, the concern for elegance, i will find it in my passion for the best brandies, those which deliver subtle and exotic fruits, those as light as the spring flowers, those which complex aromas are as powerful as discreet…

My main secret, that provides all my passion for brandy.. is that each blend be, for you, delight, only delight!