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Every drop of Jägermeister comes from one of the 445 Oak barrels that live in our factory cellar. In the darkness of their depths, the macerates are left to blend and mature for up to a year until they become liquid German perfection. With its core values focused on perfection, Jägermeister is the perfekt shot, served Ice-kühl. -18°C to be precise.

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Robert Giraud Wines

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Heritage, quality, wine-making tradition is the essence of this family Bordeaux wine company based at Chateau Timberlay where wine has been made since 1366. Over several centuries the Giraud family have passed on their passion for winemaking from one generation to the next. The moto of Foi (faith), Travail (hard work), Persévérance (perseverance), Qualité (quality) appears on every bottle of wine produced by Robert Giraud Wines: This is the authentic winegrower, close to his vines who knows that only hard work, perseverance and faith in your work will result in the quality that wine-lovers are constantly looking for. Château Timberlay is the family home. It dates back to 1366 and was established when the Bordeaux area was under British rule. …

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Aliança was founded in 1927, over 80 years ago, in Sangalhos (Anadia’s county), Bairrada region. Present in the main wine regions of the country, Aliança believes in quality, and to accomplish the goal, the company purchased several Estates, in regions as Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Bairrada and Beiras. Aliança wines already won several awards, national and internationally, and the company was considered, in 2005, one of the 20 best companies in the sector worldwide, by Wine Spectator. In 2007, Joe Berardo acquired Aliança’s major capital, and made it part of Group Bacalhôa. Aliança also made strong investments on wine tourism, recovering the facilities in Sangalhos. The opening of the unique Aliança Underground Museum in the galleries of the company, personified the …

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Foundation Year: 1887 Distillery Locations: Speyside (Scottish Highlands and surrounding area) Master Blender: David Stewart The Glenfiddich Story When William Grant, the founder of Glenfiddich, began building his modest distillery more than a century ago, he could hardly have dreamt that Glenfiddich would one day be the world’s favorite single malt Scotch whisky sold in 180 countries worldwide. Family Fortunes William Grant was born in 1839 in Dufftown a small town in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. At this time, Speyside was fast winning a reputation as the perfect place for producing malt whisky with its clear streams running over granite and peat. The pure spring water and the cool but not harsh climate added elegance and distinction …

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THE HISTORY The warm sophisticated taste of DISARONNO has a lineage dating back to one of the most romantic and creative periods in Italian history — the Renaissance. In 1525, the artist Bernardino Luini, a brilliant pupil of Leonardo da Vinci — was commissioned to paint a fresco of the Madonna of the Miracles in Saronno (Madonna dei Miracoli in Saronno, where the Fresco is still displayed today).To portray the Madonna, he chose as his muse a beautiful local innkeeper. As a mark of her gratitude she prepared for the artist a special gift of a flask full of an amber liqueur, fragrant and delicate. That is how the legend of DISARONNO arose: from a simple gesture of kindness and …


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It all starts with a tree. On the wide-open plains of Africa grows a tree uncultivated by man, the stately and fertile “Marula” tree. Under the hot tropical sun it produces a sweet, luscious and decadent fruit called “Marula”. Elephants and man alike have both been drawn to this fruit for centuries. Elephants traipse over plains to indulge in it and man has used it for everything from jams to aphrodisiacs. For decades people tried to turn this fruit into a commercially viable beverage but none were successful until ”Amarula”. About the Fruit… Only the female marula tree bears the succulent, exotic-flavoured fruit. The fruit contains four times as much vitamin C as an average orange, is oblong in shape …

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Two Oceans

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Canada’s Favorite South African WineWinery Locations: Adam Tas Winery (Stellenbosch), Bergkelder (Papegaaiberg – Stellenbosch), Drostdy-Hof Winery (Tulbagh), Durbanville Hills Winery, Ecowash (Wadeville), Goudini Distillery, Green Park (Epping), JC le Roux, Nederburg Winery, Paarl, Plaisir de Merle Winery, Port Elizabeth, Robertson Distillery, Springs, Van Ryn Distillery, Wadeville, Wellington Distillery, Worcester Distillery Source: http://www.distell.co.za/ (About Us, Our Company, History)   Taking It Lightly. Leading South African wine brand Two Oceans is now sold exclusively in light-weight 350 gram bottles that are fully recyclable. The label, its inks and adhesive are also biodegradable. The new screwcap-topped bottle is 110 grams lighter than before, to represent a saving of 120 kg of carbon equivalent emissions for every 1 000 bottles produced. All Two Oceans …

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Calvados Boulard

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Esprit de Famille – (Spirit of Family) Company Founded in 1825 by Pierre-Auguste Boulard Gustave Boulard Son of Pierre-Auguste Lucien Boulard Grandson of Pierre-Auguste Pierre Boulard Great Grandson of Pierre-Auguste Vincent Boulard Great Great Grandson of Pierre-Auguste Calvados Boulard has been a family business for over 170 years. From Pierre-Auguste, the founder, five generations followed each other at the head of the company, which has gained an international reputation, each adding his personal touch. This close, powerful, and long-lasting bond makes the Boulard family one of the few to include both men and fruit in its family tree… At the Beginning, The Apple Or rather, the apples! To produce its Calvados, the Company Boulard selects 120 varieties of apple out …

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The Asbach connoisseur’s glass – an innovation that brings the utmost enhancement of drinking pleasure For all those who would like to experience the perfectly rounded taste and unique bouquet of Asbach in a quite special way, the Rüdesheim company has developed an exclusive connoisseur’s glass. This is a real innovation, as the bulging snifter not only gives the bouquet the space it needs to unfold as it should – it can also be closed off with a lid, thus catching the fine, evanescent aroma of the “spirit of wine”. This opens up a new dimension of enjoyment for relishing all the fine qualities of Asbach. The Asbach connoisseur’s glass goes back to a discovery made by the founder of …

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Osborne Bull

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Since the Bull’s inception, the Tejada family, relatives of the original bull artist Manolo Prieto, have produced and erected these four-story metal beasts for the Osborne family. Unlike the many advertising slogans and images inducted into the pop culture hall of fame, the bull has made an indelible impression on Spain’s landscape and the mindset of its people. Identifying with its virtues, Spaniards adopted the bull as the people’s icon, their pillar of strength symbol of fortitude. Between 1988 and 1997, legislation abolishing highway advertising threatened to remove the Osborne Bull, sparking widespread attention from the media and a concerned public. Cultural associations, artists, politicians, journalists and leading figures from every sphere pleaded for the bulls’ pardon. Motivated by this …