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Alianca LogoAliança was founded in 1927, over 80 years ago, in Sangalhos (Anadia’s county), Bairrada region. Present in the main wine regions of the country, Aliança believes in quality, and to accomplish the goal, the company purchased several Estates, in regions as Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Bairrada and Beiras.

Aliança wines already won several awards, national and internationally, and the company was considered, in 2005, one of the 20 best companies in the sector worldwide, by Wine Spectator.

Tunnel lines with stone statuesIn 2007, Joe Berardo acquired Aliança’s major capital, and made it part of Group Bacalhôa. Aliança also made strong investments on wine tourism, recovering the facilities in Sangalhos. The opening of the unique Aliança Underground Museum in the galleries of the company, personified the signature of the entire Group: “Art, Wine and Passion”, by relating its passion for producing great wines with its passion for art, in a cultural environment that is already a national reference.