Amarula Tree


Amarula Cream LiqueurAmarula TreeIt all starts with a tree.
On the wide-open plains of Africa grows a tree uncultivated by man, the stately and fertile “Marula” tree. Under the hot tropical sun it produces a sweet, luscious and decadent fruit called “Marula”.
Elephants and man alike have both been drawn to this fruit for centuries. Elephants traipse over plains to indulge in it and man has used it for everything from jams to aphrodisiacs. For decades people tried to turn this fruit into a commercially viable beverage but none were successful until ”Amarula”.

Voted “Best Liqueur in the World”International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC), 2007
About the Fruit…

Only the female marula tree bears the succulent, exotic-flavoured fruit. The fruit contains four times as much vitamin C as an average orange, is oblong in shape and the size of a medium plum. The ripe marula fruit is a light yellow in colour and composed of a tough outer skin enclosing white fibrous flesh and a large stone.


Creating the Liqueur…

“Gorgeous, luscious custard, cream with attractive spirity note”IWSC Judges, Tasting Notes 2005
Once the ripe marula fruit has been gathered, the kernels are removed and the flesh crushed from the skin. The marula flesh is then fermented under conditions similar to winemaking.
After fermentation, the marula wine is distilled first in column stills and then in copper potstills. The young liqueur is then matured in oak casks for about two years. The final step is blending the liqueur with the finest, fresh cream until a smooth consistency is formed. The result is the incomparable Amarula Cream Liqueur.

Colour: Light brown to caramel

Taste: Fresh, smooth and well-rounded. Full creamy taste with nuances of the exotic
marula fruit.

Characteristics: Distinctive flavour, round and soft in taste, and versatile in terms of mixability.


Amarula is available in 3 formats: 375ml, 750ml, and n4oml.
Check your local liquor store for availability.


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