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The Asbach connoisseur’s glass – an innovation that brings the utmost enhancement of drinking pleasure

Asbach LogoFor all those who would like to experience the perfectly rounded taste and unique bouquet of Asbach in a quite special way, the Rüdesheim company has developed an exclusive connoisseur’s glass. This is a real innovation, as the bulging snifter not only gives the bouquet the space it needs to unfold as it should – it can also be closed off with a lid, thus catching the fine, evanescent aroma of the “spirit of wine”. This opens up a new dimension of enjoyment for relishing all the fine qualities of Asbach.

The Asbach connoisseur’s glass goes back to a discovery made by the founder of the company, Hugo Asbach, in the year 1895. At that time he happened to be – as was often the case – putting in a personal appearance in the cellar of his distillery, being engaged in testing the distilled liquors in big snifters to assess their maturity and quality. In the course of this, he had to leave the cellar for a while. To retain the bouquet during this time, he covered the snifters with smaller snifters that happened to be standing on the table. When he carried on testing later, he first of all swivelled the glass in his right hand. Only then did he take off the small snifter: he carried it intuitively to his nose, and breathed in deeply. What Hugo Asbach then experienced is now known throughout the world as the “spirit of wine”. Through his swivelling of the glass, the entire sensuous richness of Asbach was liberated, and retained in the small snifter for the nose of this demanding connoisseur. Hugo Asbach savoured the velvety bouquet of Asbach, and took in all the characteristic features of this speciality. Thrilled by the experience, he made this procedure a routine part of the tasting carried out by the master distiller. It has remained so in the House of Asbach to this day.

Asbach from the founding days to today
The Asbach history goes back to the year 1892, when company founder Hugo Asbach left his adopted home country France and made his dream of an own company come true in Rüdesheim on the Rhein. He had previously acquired a high degree of know-how of distilling wines from renowned French distillers, and he made use of this knowledge to achieve an ambitious goal: to create a product equal to French cognacs and at the same time to cater to German tastes. Already ten years later, he created the new term “Weinbrand” for his brandies to be used parallel to the term “Cognac” generally used in those times. A farsighted sales-promoting decision in fact, for when German producers were prohibited from using the term Cognac after 1919, the name Weinbrand had already been well-established on the market. In 1923, the term was also adopted to the German laws on wine. Because Hugo Asbach right from the very beginning had opted for a unique quality obvious to all consumers, he gave the product his own name and in 1907 had the term Asbach Uralt registered with the Imperial Patent Office.

But not only the designation Weinbrand goes back to Hugo Asbach, he also defined the principles for producing the Asbach brands valid to this very day: strict quality standards, perfection, diligence, and lots of time for maturing. Implementation of this philosophy is the ruling principle for the Asbach brand still today.

Asbach was a big seller right from the beginning, and rapidly advanced to become a popular branded article. This must also be attributed to the fact that Asbach understood the significance of advertisement at an early stage. The company actually made advertisement history with unique promotion campaigns and pioneering in TV advertisement. Famous slogans such as “Gutes ist eben einen Asbach wert” (approx. Good things are simply worth an Asbach) and “Im Asbach ist der Geist des Weines” (approx. The Spirit of Wine is in Asbach) were and still are permanent elements of these activities. To this very day, they stand for an independent and unmistakable specialty product family.

The range of products was expanded several times in the company’s history. The main brand Asbach Uralt was soon followed by the Asbach Privatbrand for family members and business associates. Asbach candy coated with dark chocolate was added to the product range in the 1920’s, followed by Rüdesheimer Kaffee, and the Asbach Selection as top-quality product in 1989. In the year 2000, Asbach introduced the premium vintage brand Jahrgangsbrand 1972 to the market.

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