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Robert Giraud Wines logoHeritage, quality, wine-making tradition is the essence of this family Bordeaux wine company based at Chateau Timberlay where wine has been made since 1366. Over several centuries the Giraud family have passed on their passion for winemaking from one generation to the next.

The moto of Foi (faith), Travail (hard work), Persévérance (perseverance), Qualité (quality) appears on every bottle of wine produced by Robert Giraud Wines: This is the authentic winegrower, close to his vines who knows that only hard work, perseverance and faith in your work will result in the quality that wine-lovers are constantly looking for.

Château Timberlay is the family home. It dates back to 1366 and was established when the Bordeaux area was under British rule. The British sounding name comes from the heavy winds that blow from the Atlantic Coast and would knock down the trees around the Chateau. The British said it would ‘lay the Timbers’, so came the name Timberlay. The British were influential in taking Bordeaux wines to the four corners of the earth. Today Château Timberlay is enjoyed in 75 countries. In Canada it is one of the longest standing Bordeaux wines on the market. This is tribute to the quality but also to the ability of the Giraud family to adapt wine making styles and continue developing the wines over the decades to ensure the wines surpass expectations.