Emiliana Coyam

Ruby coloured; moderate aromas of ripe blackberry, cedar and spice; dry and medium bodied; flavours of rich blackberry and a spicy, cedar finish.

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emiliana Coyam

About Emiliana Coyam:
In the first stage—reception—the grapes undergo a selection system that begins with a conveyor belt in which leaves, damaged clusters and other material are removed. The selected clusters continue on another belt to a machine that destems and selects the grapes by caliber, then deposits them on a vibrating table to further enhance selection. The grapes are then gravity-fed into vats for fermentation. A cold, pre-fermentation maceration is carried out at 6°C for 5 days. Alcoholic fermentation is carried out stainless steel vats exclusively with native yeasts. At this stage, temperatures hover around 26°C, with pumpovers carried out according to enological criteria. The wine then undergoes a 7-day post-fermentation maceration at 22–25°C, for a total maceration time of 25–28 days. Malolactic fermentation occurs naturally in barrels, where the wine also spends its 13-month aging period. Stabilization occurs naturally, without additional treatments. Before being bottled, the wine is filtered with a 3-5 micron cartridge (absolute).

Tasting Notes:
A deep plum-red color with violet hues, this wine has an intense nose that’s brimming with fruit such as redcurrants, strawberries and blackberries. Additional notes of spices such as vanilla and licorice emerge, accompanied by delicate violet touches. On the palate, it’s a juicy wine with good volume and balance, ripe tannins and well-balanced acidity that lends it an enjoyable freshness. The finish is long and persistent.