Gibson’s Finest Bold 8 Year Old

Finally a Canadian Whisky truly different, truly BOLD with an incredibly smooth taste that can only come from 8 long years of aging.



Gibson’s Finest Bold 8 Year Old

Gibson's Finest Bold

About Gibson’s Finest Bold 8 Year Old:
We stay true to the time honoured method of making whisky the right way: we age it longer for better taste. GIBSON’S FINEST® BOLD™ is a smooth, full bodied whisky that dares to be different. Tastefully aged for 8 years and 92 Proof, GIBSON’S FINEST® BOLD™ delivers Canada’s boldest rye & cola. We know you’ll enjoy the difference..

Tasting Notes:
Vibrant vanilla scent with delicate oak notes and hints of fruit and spiced apple. Rich and sweet taste with a bold, rich rye character and a spicy mouthfeel. The aftertaste has a reqarding sweet glow.