Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old

Sweet vanilla toffee with subtle oak notes. Hints of honey, candied fruit and baked apples. Taste; Initially sweet with a silky texture. Subtle fruit and gentle oak developed during 12 years cask aging. Medium length, dry finish.



Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old

Gibson's Finest Rare 12YO

About Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year Old:
Master blenders use a unique blend of aged whiskies, the youngest of which is twelve years old, to create a harmonious, well-balanced Canadian whisky. Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old is one of the few whiskies possessing a guarantee of ageing so you can always be sure you are enjoying a smooth, exceptional 12 year old Canadian Whisky. Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Old is a truly remarkable Canadian Whisky that is renowned for its sophisticated character, extraordinary smoothness and outstanding flavour.

Tasting Notes:
Early scents of fruitiness is soon displaced by aged oaky notes and red cedar. Right after the first swirl, caramel custard, butterscotch, and hard candy take over before the fruit returns. Strong suggestions of dry tobacco leaves followed by milder suggestions of dry grain.

Sweet and silky taste, but with lots of bitter citric zest, fresh-cut wood, spicy white pepper and hints of tingly ginger ale. All this balances magically against an underlying citric bitter- ness. A weighty body and creamy slightly slippery mouthfeel merge with toffee notes and burnt sugar. Fresh fruit and inklings of rye spices and Christmas pudding round it out.

Medium long finish, hot and peppery, some sweetness.