The Greatest Job Interview in the World contest poster

The Greatest Job Interview in the World

The Greatest Job Interview in the World contest posterIn exciting news – Grant’s is searching for a new Global Brand Ambassador for 2018 and this extraordinary role needs an interview to match – an all-expenses-paid trip to take Grant’s to the world!

Forget resumes, suits, waiting rooms and awkward small talk; show how well you could travel across the world and bring people together with a suitcase of whisky.

Applications are now open for a trip of a lifetime – a 10-day whisky world tour launched by Grant’s Family Reserve, Canada’s #1 Best Selling Scotch Whisky variant, as part of its search for a new Global Brand Ambassador for 2018. In a job interview like no other, the top three candidates will each travel to three different countries, ranging from Colombia to Poland, India and Taiwan, with a suitcase full of Grant’s to share with the people they meet along the way.

Their journey will echo the legendary trip taken in 1909 by Charles Grant Gordon, the son in law of the founder of Grant’s Whisky, William Grant. Charles Grant Gordon set off on a ship with a suitcase of Grant’s and an ambition to introduce it to the world. 110 years later, Grant’s chosen Global Brand Ambassador will follow in his footsteps with the very same suitcase.

The Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador needs to be resourceful, charismatic, talented, and have a passion for writing, travelling and mixology. Putting these traits to the ultimate test, the final three candidates will need to use their suitcase of Grant’s as bargaining power, swapping drams of whisky for entrance into an underground bar in Russia with local friends or a horseback ride in India. The whisky will be their ticket to the best money-can’t-buy experiences across the world.

For more details, check out #GRANTSINTERVIEW on Instagram, or visit the website at Applications are being received until the end of August.

If this is the interview, imagine what the job is like.