Gibson’s Finest Sterling

Rich golden amber colour; sweet toffee, toasty oak and vanilla with a hint of black licorice; very smooth on the palate with sweet vanilla notes



Gibson’s Finest Sterling

Gibson's Finest Sterling

About Gibson’s Finest Sterling:
Gibson’s Finest The making of Gibson’s Finest is a process requiring both patience and uncommon craftsmanship. Master blenders use a unique blend of aged whiskies to create a harmonious, well-balanced Canadian whisky.

Masterfully distilled, tenderly aged and blended to perfection. The combination of these aged whiskies results in a superior blend with a unique smooth taste.

Sterling Edition offers consumers a superior quality whisky that appeals to both entry level drinkers as well as everyday connoisseurs.

Tasting Notes:
Sweet and fruity scents. Mild and slightly floral caramel notes evolve into sweet lemon candy. A faint smell of sweet rye spices. To finish it off, a slight nuttiness wafts up together with just a hint of spirit.

Creamy taste with many fruity notes, that do not overwhelm the palate. The palate quickly moves to citric zest with hints of walnut. Black pepper notes fade quickly, leaving a pleasant warmth behind and, as with all good mixers, there is a trace of spirit.

Medium finish. Fading on tingly peppery spices and caramel.